Rooted in Native American Culture, Women of Nations welcomes and honors all women and honors "All Our Relations" as together we inspire hope and healing to embrace a vision of peace and justice. 

Women of Nations is the only domestic violence shelter in the area that is targeted at effectively meeting the needs of the Native American Community.

We support all women and children:   
  • Services including crisis intervention, advocacy, and safe confidential shelter.
  • Advocating for them and educating the public on domestic abuse issues.
All women who enter our shelter are at a crossroads in their lives.  They can either choose to continue on as they have been or they can choose to make a change.  

Mitakuye Oyasin (We are all related)


If you are in immediate danger, please call 911

Women of Nations
PO Box 7125 
Saint Paul, MN  55107
Phone:  651-251-1620
Fax:  651-222-1207

Local 24-Hour Domestic Abuse Crisis Line:  651-222-5836
National 24-Hour Crisis Line:  877-209-1266
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